Rock. a passing conversation.

Rock. A passing conversation 2014

drawing, soundscape, video & performance

400 x 21 cm; soundscape/single channel HD video 40:00 mins (extract 4:43 mins)

performance and installation photographs IntersectArts, Darlinghurst, Australia

During the process of completing a book of passing conversations, 2012-2014 Heldon and Raffan explored the notion of holding a live performance to finalise their project. This performance recognised the subtle, yet impactful dance of their abilities to synchronise not only their movements but also their drawing techniques and instinctual relationship with each other. 

The performance was held at an artist run space in Darlinghurst, Sydney named Intersect Arts and during the course of the two day performative festival numerous other artists held their own acts throughout the buildings spaces. Heldon and Raffan held two performances running for a duration of 30 minutes each utilising the collected rocks from the the making of ...passing conversations and a roll of tracing paper to rework and layer a developing drawing.

The space consisted of a plinth, which was placed to the side of the artists chairs and table, with the existing collection of rocks on top. These rocks being the focus of intention and drive between the interaction of the two artists and also as a method of exchange and dialogue of time passed and time spent moving forward.

The process consisted of each artist arranging rocks on their own side of the plinth, whilst a roll of yellow tracing paper was placed on a wall mounted shelf opposite. Unravelled and draped over a small wooden study desk, the paper acted as a forward and backward conveyer belt positioned in-between the two artists. Both artists would instinctively commence with either a gesture or movement; tapping, scrapping and/or knocking of a selected rock or rocks. With only one available pen, one of the artists would commence the mark making which mimicked the movements, sounds and shapes the other was producing with the rocks. Throughout the course of the performance people gathered, stayed and watched the whole act quickly becoming transfixed by the artists archetypal formula.

As the performance came to an end, the artists broke away from their meditative states, placed down their objects, smiled at each other and turned to the audience and said 'thank you'.