a book of passing conversations 2012 - 2014

drawings, assemblages, installation and book

dimensions variable

a book of passing conversations, 2012-2014 commenced hand in hand with Uncovering pathways. At the time of the-parcel forming at the end of 2012 Heldon and Raffan had experienced numerous synchronised parallels within their work and their lives. Heldon discovered a book linking to Raffan's deceased grandmother which in turn led to similiar treasured findings from Heldon's grandmothers estate. It was from this, the two decided to work with outdated found books based upon hydrology, geology and botany and also utilise paper tablets that had been kept by Heldon's grandmother.

Heldon and Raffan made drawings, markings, weavings and assemblages together, shared these back and forth, changing and rearranging the drawings, taking photos and then reworking some of the images over and over again. Some of the pages had only been marked once and some numerous times passing back and forth between the two artists.

During the process the two artists express their strong connection to the photographs of the assemblages and how originally the work would become of book of 'drawings'. Now, however, through the deliberate transient process the work has become more about the movement and placement of the drawings and objects together, ultimately producing a self-published book of photographs, drawings and assemblages. Representing the essence of how the work actually commenced, through a culmination of objects, books, paper and rocks. Placed together, unravelled and placed back together again.